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Blockchain Trip to China

China Tour

Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in China and one of the international financial, trade and shipping centers. Shanghai is also the registered place of some state-owned enterprises and multinational companies or the headquarters of Greater China. Shanghai is also a central city in China’s blockchain industry, with large and medium-sized companies in various segments.

Blockchain in China

At present, China’s mainstream financial institutions, IT companies, and start-up technology companies have explored and promoted blockchain technology and application development. They actively promote blockchain innovation by developing blockchain infrastructure, exploring applications in various fields, conducting technological innovation activities, and investing in blockchain projects. China’s blockchain industry has formed various sub-areas including exchanges, project parties, professional investment institutions, technical services, and media campaigns.


  1. Get exposed to the top-notch Chinese venture capitals.
  2. Get to meet and befriend the local community, media, investors and KOL influencers.
  3. Get connected to Chinese high-profile projects and professionals.
  4. Get to know Chinese blockchain industry and market better.


As a Chinese receptionist and event organizer, EXPREAD has deep network resources in China’s blockchain industry, and has many partners including investment institutions, communities, media, industry experts, opinion leaders, and geeks.

We arrange Vietnamese partners who are looking for opportunities in China to contact famous investment institutions and independent investors to arrange one-on-one private meetings. At the same time, we have extensive cooperation with well-known blockchain media in China, which can provide the best quality market publicity for our friends.


In China’s blockchain industry, community and opinion leaders have played a pivotal role. The power of the community is critical to the growth of blockchain projects. In China, we have helped local projects in many foreign projects, helping them build a loyal user community and participate in community maintenance and construction.


China has the largest blockchain investor group in the world, and this group is also the keenest on high-risk investments. Similarly, a large user base is the best embodiment and guarantee of goodwill. The blockchain world is a globalized world, and China has always been at the top of the industry. We promote the best resources in the blockchain world for Vietnamese customers.


  1. Private meeting with 8 top-notch Chinese venture capitals.
  2. Private meeting with famous Chinese projects’ team such as ONT, NEO, QTUM.
  3. Private meeting with China’s high-quality blockchain community
  4. Private meeting with China’s famous exchanges.
  5. China’s blockchain media intensive reporting and publicity,
  6. Business visit to local prominent blockchain companies and projects.