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Ontology Saigon Meetup: Distributed Technology

Build The Future

Offchain Events sincerely thanks all investors and organizations for the Ontology Saigon Meetup: Distributed Technology - Build The Future on March 28th, 2019.

Through the event, investors gained more knowledge about Ontology, Bibox and DAD. In addition, investors understand more about the market situation and the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain in 2019.

Blockchain technology is still growing, although the market plummeted in 2018 has raised doubts about the feasibility of the blockchain technology.

However, it is undeniable that blockchain is making things on the internet “virtual” become more reliable. And one of the most important places to apply blockchain technology is business.

Ontology is a project focusing on this potential customer segment. The presentation by Mathias Leach Glintborg - Senior Ontology Advisor - showed us the potential of Ontology and the values it can bring to organizations and businesses.

Speaker MATHIAS GLINTBORG talks about Ontology

Next was a presentation by Riley Tran, the marketing director from Bibox trading platform in Vietnam. Riley has shown us the potential of Bibox and bonds issued by the exchange. In addition, Riley showed investors how to hold BIX (Coin Bibox floor), which has many benefits.

Herman Pang - DAD’s organizational director - explained the potential of blockchain for advertising. DAD is a decentralized advertising platform, developed on the Ontology platform. By using smart contracts and token systems, DAD is built to create data openness, transaction transparency and revenue sharing among users. DAD can reshape the advertising industry as we know it.

Next, the seminar took place very excitingly with the discussion of the future of cryptocurrency. The vibrant guests discussed IEOs. IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is currently the “hottest” trend today, and everyone thinks it will revive the spirit of investors. However, the guests also suggested that IEOs could also be a “bubble”.

Le Thanh - Founder Coin98 - has shown us specific statistics on the cryptocurrency market and confirmed that 2019 will be “no-moon” with Bitcoin. But with business development projects like Ontology, Mr. Le Thanh said that the breakthrough growth rate is very large, when Ontology has started mainnet and there is a very fast dApp growth.

Market review by Thanh Le

The fascinating presentation of Mr. Le Thanh finished the Ontology Saigon Meetup. We sincerely thank all the investors who came to the event.

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