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The Stable Coins: Using DAI as a Leverage during Bull Market

On behalf of BitcoinVN Cloud and MakerDAO, Offchain Events would like to give our thanks to the attendees who participated in the meetup on June 20th, 2019, especially our invited guests as well as the media representatives. Your presence helped make the meetup “Stable Coins: Using DAI as a Leverage during Bull Market” a resounding success.

The meetup started with the speech from Dominik Weil – Co-founder of Bitcoin Vietnam (BitcoinVN) about the partnership with MakerDAO as well as the listing of the DAI stable coin on the exchange. From now on, users can trade DAI on with the maker fee of 0% and the taker fee of 0.25%.

Right after was the keynote from Gustav – Business Development Manager on the project and the potentials of MakerDAO. The over half-hour speech helped the audience better understand the system and the mechanism of this decentralised organisation.

The middle segment was a minigame to heat up the atmosphere and for the audience to get a chance to win prizes and memorabilia from MakerDAO.

The Panel Discussion was the most exciting part for everyone, with the participation of Moderator Kimble Ngo (Canal Circle), Gustav (MakerDAO), Dominik (BitcoinVN Cloud), Rossco Paddison (Depfi), Lê Thanh (Coin98), Nguyen Nhat Quang (VIC Group) on the topic “Stable Coins: The Next Generation of Digital Money”. Our panelists continually stated their assessments on the potential of stable coins in the future.

The panel discussion was also the closing segment, and though it is already late people still lingered behind to network and have further discussions about the topic of the day.

The meetup has ended in flying colours, marking a new era for the MakerDAO project and the DAI stable coin in the Vietnamese market. Here’s to the best to BitcoinVN Cloud and MakerDAO.

Once again, the most heartfelt of gratitudes to all the invited guests and the attendees.

Please contact us: [email protected] if you have any questions.